About Robin Trujillo

Hello!   Guu wa zee!


My name is Robin Trujillo from the pueblo of Acoma in New Mexico. I’m just a humble artist with a passion to create. Thank God I still have the desire to draw which is a blessing in disguise. I grew up in a small village called Anzac on the Acoma reservation till I was 12 yrs old and moved to Barstow CA. I have lived and worked in Barstow for about 41 years were I graduated from Barstow High School and took numerous art classes. I still have a strong passion for art after all these years, sometimes I feel like I missed my calling but  nevertheless I draw and still love to create Native American Indian  Art that reflects traditional, mythical  and modern concepts which are constantly evolving. I also hope to continue to grow inspire and assist in preserving our Native Culture. I also have a website called STR8REZ.COM which displays some of my drawings with color editing. I don’t know what the future holds for Str8rez but I’m pleased thus far. I’m always seeking advice for starting a small business and keeping my options open. Wish I could do art full time but I also have a government job which takes up most of my time. I retire in 3 ½ yrs and hope to do my art full time GOOD LORD WILLING.I wish I knew more about the business end of marketing my art. I just want to thank you for an opportunity to share my art for the first time besides Instagram…….listen to your heart and passion will follow, Hope you enjoy the prints.

Thanks again! God Bless…